The First Presidents

        After the constitution was written, and a new nation was built, the country elected George Washington unanimously. He had won all of the votes in the Electoral College. For eight years, Washington governed the country with honor and respect making many important decisions that would later effect the country greatly. After his two terms, Washington stepped down from office, his most honorable, and respected decision in his presidency. After Washington, John Adams was elected by the Electoral College. His personality was not very presidential. Although he had a lot of political experience, Adams did not have the experience with pressure. At the end of his presidency, Adams was very self conscious, and had more trouble with economic decisions. He had also signed the Alien and Sedition acts, the first immigration policies in the USA, with which many citizens disagreed with. Following him was President Thomas Jefferson, who had written the Declaration of Independence in 1776. In his presidency, Jefferson bought the Louisiana Purchase. He was the most casual out of the first three presidents and regularly greeted his guests in slippers.

President Thomas Jefferson